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Penguin of the Week 1/29/15: Valerijagorn

Daffodaily is back again with another publishing of Penguin of the Week. This week's Penguin of the Week is Valerijagorn. Congratulations! As always, they will receive 10,000 coins and the official Penguin of the Week background!
Daffodaily wrote,
Stylish music lover Valerijagorn is all about two things: friends and fashion! She always helps other penguins choose the most trendy outfits, gives igloo decoration advice, and is a good friend to anyone who knows her. 


Imperial Club Penguin Times Issue #484 - Outlaw Captured!

Club Penguin had an update this morning and the 484th issue of the Imperial Club Penguin Times has been released. The feature story is titled "Exclusive: Outlaw Captured!," it shows a picture of Kanan and states the following:
Attention, citizens. The Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) has captured the leader of the rebels! Kanan, the infamous criminal, has been caught. This is truly a great day for our Empire. With him gone, the planet will once again be under our complete control! We got him!
The supporting story is titled "Sabotage!" and is written by Imperial Times Reporter. It reads the following:
My dear citizen, these are chaotic times. There have been numerous attacks on Imperial troops recently. No civilians have been hurt. Actually, they look much healthier than normal. Our defense towers were hit hard, so smugglers and rebel craft are flying freely. Minister Tua requested more Stormtroopers, but recruitment is way down. There just aren't enough Imperial posters left in the city. With all of this disruption, Imperial officers are wondering if it's worth hanging on to this planet!
The Upcoming Events column has also been updated with a preview of the upcoming February party. It reads the following:
Feb. 5 Penguin Style - Get a makeover before your big debut!
Coming Soon: SoundStudio App Launch - A new SoundStudio App hits mobile! 
Find the new collectible pin! Hidden now until February 4.
Next pin hidden: February 5 - February 18

Club Penguin Secret Space Room Error [Bug]

As you know, in occasion of the Star Wars Rebels Takeover, Club Penguin has added a secret feature as to if you click on the sky on the map or in the Plaza, you would be taken to a special room, which appears as if you've flown off into space. Unfortunately, since this morning this feature has not been working. Speaking of which, I personally love this feature, and think it'd be cool if they added it as a permanent secret room, as all of the 'secret rooms' and even secrets in general (*cough*..EPF) have been revealed. Tell me in the comments if you'd think that'd be cool, or change it up a bit with your own idea. Thank you Trainman1405 for letting penguins know about this on his blog.

—Icey Jot Pop

Party : Chatta's Australia Day Extravaganza (Club Penguin Blog)

Chattabox from the Club Penguin team is hosting another weekly meet-up around the island. This time, we'll be celebrating Australia Day! Meet Chattabox on the server Down Under at the Forest on Wednesday, January 28th or Tuesday, January 27th. She's given us the different times for the several time zones below the image.
-4pm East Australian Time
-6pm New Zealand Standard Time
-9pm Penguin Standard Time on Tuesday 27th January for everyone over in the US
-5am on Wednesday 28th January for my pals in the UK
—Icey Jot Pop

Club Penguin Codes 2015 : Free 'Kloo Horn' Hand Item

As the Star Wars Rebels party was taking off, Club Penguin released a new Club Penguin code to get you a 'Kloo Horn' from the original Star Wars movie.

Simple enough, the code is "STARWARS" Click here to view the 'Enter a Code' page.

—Icey Jot Pop

Penguin of the Week - 1/22/2015 : Tomisino1

Daffodaily5 is back with another Penguin of the Week for today, January 22, 2014. This week's penguin is Tomisino1. Congratulations! Like always he will receive 10,000 coins and the official Penguin of the Week background.
Daffodaily wrote,
Tomisino1 is one super stylish penguin! The green-themed outfit he's rocking is just brill. His igloo even has green furniture to match, and I've heard he throws great igloo parties that all of his friends enjoy. A great reason to go green!

—Icey Jot Pop

Club Penguin Secret : Hidden Space Room In SWR Takeover

All of the decorations to the party look amazing, but there aren't that many rooms. However, there is one more room that is supposed to be a secret. Agent 3734 recently found out that if you click on the sky, you will get blasted off into space. Take a look!
Tell me in the comments what you think of this feature. I think this hidden room is very cool, and a great addition to the party.

Thank you Saraapril for letting us know about this, and Agent 3734 for discovering it.

—Icey Jot Pop

Club Penguin Has Began Working On a New Fan Art Video

If you're an artist on Club Penguin, I suggest sending some #CPFanArt to Club Penguin via Twitter. They have begun working on a video where they display fan art given to them throughout the month. As the month hasn't ended yet, and they have just begun working on it, I'm sure they're still receiving fan art for the video.

—Icey Jot Pop

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