Hello penguins! As you might of heard, quite a few new mascots will be visiting the island during the Music Jam, one of them being Disney's Sabina Carpenter. Recently, Ernie from Radio Disney had the chance to exclusively interview her for the whole Club Penguin community. Check it out!

-Icey Jot Pop
Hello penguins! Daffodaily5 from the Club Penguin Team has posted her weekly Penguin of the Week post on the Club Penguin Blog. This week's Penguin of the Week (POTW) is Lillianlilly. Congratulations!
Time to announce the Penguin of the Week! Woop! Well, this week it goes to... Lillianlilly! She is such a dedicated friend, always treats her mates with respect and kindness and always makes time to hang out with them. Plus, how amazing does Lillianlilly look in the lovely Night Sky Prom Dress (currently available in the Penguin style Catalogue)? Looking great! :)

-Icey Jot Pop
Hello penguins! If you are an EPF Agent, you've received a new EPF Message from Gary the Gadget Guy. Take a look!
I've been experimenting with new modes of locomotion. And I don't mean trains. Bring any extra hot sauce to the HQ.

-Icey Jot Pop
Hello penguins! As you can see below, Club Penguin has released some new igloo music. Take a look!
Which song is your favorite? I would have a favorite, but I currently do not have a membership, so Club Penguin does not allow me to play music in my igloo. Tell me in the comments below.

-Icey Jot Pop
Hello penguins! Club Penguin has released a new pin around the island. It is called the Life Preserver Pin, and is located in the Forest.
Tell me your thoughts and opinions on this pin in the comments below.

-Icey Jot Pop
Hello penguins! Club Penguin has released a new issue of the Club Penguin Times newspaper, like usual. This week's issue is issue #455. On the first article, Cadence talks about the SoundStudio. Click "CHART-TOPPER" to read more.
 On the second article, Rookie wrote about the Music Cruise.
 Lastly, we have the Island Rumors. What do you think this mystery mountain cave could be?
What are your thoughts on this week's issue of the Club Penguin Times? Tell me your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

-Icey Jot Pop
Hello penguins! Wwe Adam has came across this awesome bug where you can register a penguin with any taken name. Below is a step by step tutorial on how to do it. Take a look!

Step 1. Go to the Penguin Creation page.
Click here to go to the Penguin Creation page.

Step 2. Enter the taken penguin name.
Simply enter the taken penguin name (for example: Polo Field). You'll notice that it says the username is taken. I'll get to how to get it in the next step.
Step 3. Replace some letters with Cyrillic letters.
Copy and paste a letter from below.


Step 4. Now, enter the rest of your information, and press "Next."
That's it! Now, within a few days, your username should be accepted, and other penguins will be able to view it. As far as I know, you are not able to get banned using this glitch.

Huge thanks to Wwe Adam.

-Icey Jot Pop


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