Penguin of the Week: Ice Rose8

Daffodaily5 has posted another Penguin of the Week on the Club Penguin Blog. This week's penguin is Ice Rose8. Congratulations!
Ice Rose8 is a kind, thoughtful person who loves to make new friends on Club Penguin and has developed a reputation for being a bit of a game expert (and enjoys sharing her knowledge with her fellow penguins). Not only that, but she likes to do some brill volunteering with her school! Keep it up! :)

Icey Jot Pop

New EPF Message From Dot

If you're an Elite Penguin Force agent, Dot has sent you a message via spy phone. It reads:
I'm going undercover to keep an eye on paranormal activities. The puffle fountain is a great hiding place.

Icey Jot Pop

Gariwald's Introduction

Now, a lot of you probably did not get this message due to a bug. For some reason, my main penguin, Icey Jot Pop, did not receive this message, and neither did a lot of other penguins in the community.

Anyways, Gary the Gadget Guy has introduced his great uncle, Gariwald the Contraption Chap. You may remember him from the Halloween Party 2012. He will be visiting for this year's party, and is on the case of the Puffle Hotel.
 Greetings! My great uncle Gariwald the Contraption Chap is here for Halloween. He's a ghost investigator, and he's on the case of the Puffle Hotel!
Indeed! I've come to study perplexing paranormal events. I'll report back next week with my findings. Safety first!

Icey Jot Pop

Club Penguin Halloween Party Preparations

Club Penguin has added some decorations to the Puffle hotel to prepare for the Halloween Party, which is coming in a week. Take a look!

I would have liked a bit more decorations on the Rooftop, but I won't complain. This Halloween Party is going to be epic!

Icey Jot Pop

Club Penguin New Anniversary Balloons Cheat

Club Penguin has hidden another pin somewhere around the island. The new pin is called the New Anniversary Balloons pin and is located in the Mine.

Icey Jot Pop

Club Penguin Times Issue #469 - Building a Haunted Igloo

Club Penguin has released the new issue of the Club Penguin Times newspaper, like always. In the first article, Aunt Arctic talks about building a haunted igloo. Click "BOO!" to read more.
 In the second article, Gary the Gadget Guy wrote about Gariwald the Contraption Chap. You may remember him from the Halloween Party 2012.
 Lastly, we have the Upcoming Events section of the newspaper. Remember, the 9th Anniversary Party starts on October 23. Be sure to grab your party hats!

Icey Jot Pop

Player Card Updates!

Megg has announced that in this week's updates there will be a new organization to our penguins' inventory. Now, the new items you buy will now be shown at the top of your inventory, rather than the bottom.
That's great! It's always been a struggle for me having to scroll all the way down the bottom just to try on the new clothing I've bought. Tell me your thoughts on this in the comments.

Icey Jot Pop

New Puffles Coming!

Recently on the Club Penguin Blog, Megg posted some sneak peeks to new Puffles that will come in the future. Take a look.
What species of Puffles do you think these are? I am absolutely clueless, so I'd appreciate if you'd share your opinions with me in the comments.

Icey Jot Pop


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