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Polo Field Meet-Up on Sleet - Confirmations & Spoilers

Hello, everyone. Today, Polo Field hosted a meet-up on the server Sleet. The meet-up lasted nearly 45 minutes, and didn't have many confirmations or spoilers, unfortunately.

Firstly, he confirmed the return of Merry Walrus. R.I.P. Holiday Party.
People asked for information on Tusk, or March's party, but he said his lips are sealed. The next bit of information he gave us is the confirmation of 'server jumping' just being a myth. But afterwards, he said if we're interested it may happen sometime in the future, but not anytime soon. :)
Don't blame me if some of this information turns out false, Polo Field is really confusing when he comes on. For example, an Android Party? Doubt it.
There are much more things he said that I unfortunately do not have images of. For example, him confirming no more stamps for a while, and The Spoiler Alert coming back for an epic return! He also mentioned a video summing up 2015 (maybe that's a thing now) like last year's, and some music video information.

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Last updated 12/20/2014 - 5:48pm PST
Posted 12/20/2014 - 4:44pm PST

...this is why I like going to Polo Field's meet-ups...

Herbert's Website (Club Herbert) Updates!

Now, most of the time, November's party is an operation - in 2012 November's party was Operation Blackout, and last year we had Operation Puffle - but surprisingly, the Club Penguin Team decided to have a Pirate Party. With no doubt Herbert will try to sabotage this event, the community found out that Herbert's website, Club Herbert, has been updated. In the new image displayed on Herbert's website, there is a telescope, blueprints, a screwdriver, and a mug saying "#1 Party Pooper" on it.

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Club Penguin Ghost Pin Cheat

Hello penguins! Two weeks have passes since the last pin was hidden on the island, so a new pin has been hidden around the island! This pin is called the Ghost Pin, with Halloween coming up this Friday, and is located in the Boiler Room.
*climbs on top of creates just to reach pin*

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Olaf Transformation Returned Bug - October 29, 2014

Now, obviously the Frozen Party ended. I mean, that was a whole two months ago. I've found a bug where the icon to transform between Olaf and yourself has returned. Weird, huh?

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Be Heard - Let's Make the World Awesome! [Video]

Hello penguins! Megg from the Club Penguin Team has shared a new video Club Penguin's YouTube channel has uploaded. It is titled "Be Heard - Let's Make the World Awesome!," and is about bullying prevention. Take a look!
Megg wrote...

A big THANK YOU to everyone that unlocked the virtual mega-phone item and donated towards out Be Heard campaign.

The Club Penguin community reached our goal of 50,000 dollars way faster than I thought we would -- this is why I am so proud to be a part of this community!

To wrap up, I want to share a special message from our team to you.

Remember! Bullying prevention can be supported all year around, keep standing together and making a difference! So speak up, be heard, and choose kindness.

And as always...waddle on!

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Chatta's Night of the Living Sled [Invitation]

Hello, penguins! Chattabox from the Club Penguin Team has another meet-up for us to attend, and like usual, she has posted the details on the Club Penguin Blog. She also shared an image of last week's meet-up!
On Thursday (Wednesday for some) meet on the server Down Under at the Forest.

Thursday, October 30th

  • 4:00pm - Eastern Australian Standard Time
  • 6:00pm - New Zealand Standard Time
  • 6:00am - Anybody in the UK
Wednesday, October 29th

  • 10:00pm - Penguin Standard Time

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